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Restaurant Composting Project UPdate

UP Restaurants Diverted 18 Tons of Food Waste from Landfill in December & January For the past 3 months, 10 Upper Peninsula (UP) restaurants have been demonstrating their commitment to sustainability by participating in a district wide composting program.  These restaurants have also boosted their recycling efforts and are holistically streamlining their waste. Restaurants Participating...

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“Growth is inevitable and desirable, but destruction of community character is not.

The question is not whether your part of the world is going to change  ———     the question is how.”

– Edward T. McMahon, Urban Land Institute


The Charleston Upper Peninsula Initiative is an innovative, community planning and urban redevelopment effort focused on the upper eastern side of the Charleston peninsula.

The Upper Peninsula Initiative was formed to help promote thoughtful growth of the area.

Charleston’s Upper Peninsula is transitioning from its heavy industrial and commercial roots to modern workplaces, retail, restaurants and dense housing.  It is a place where locals go to live, work and play because of its unique character, corridor of high-tech businesses and local flavor.  While this transition is happening, growth and development are on the rise.

With inevitable growth and development happening so fast in the area, the Upper Peninsula Initiative offers the opportunity to encourage the predictable growth and development to happen in a thoughtful, sustainable, community oriented way.  How?

The Upper Peninsula Initiative is utilizing a collaborative planning framework called EcoDistricts that promotes thoughtful design by encouraging participation and commitments from residents, businesses, developers, nonprofits and government who all work together to meet common goals.  The group of diverse stakeholders is tasked with thoughtfully weaving together existing community assets with new creative ideas and innovative projects to build a strong sense of place and vibrant, lasting community.

The Upper Peninsula Initiative is managed through a joint public-private effort between the City of Charleston’s Planning, Preservation and Sustainability Department and the Sustainability Institute, with the support of many other gracious partners and volunteers.

Are You A Resident or Business Owner?

Input from the community is vital and we are looking for more residents and business owners who are located within the study area to get involved.  Please Contact Us!

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