The Sustainability Institute has temporarily suspended the Charleston Upper Peninsula Initiative due to lack of funding support.

We hope to continue this community planning work that is critical to one of the fastest developing areas in the City of Charleston. We are proud – and extremely grateful – for all of the support this effort has received over the past 4 years from a community of residents, local businesses, private developers, and nonprofit organizations that care about the future sustainability of the Upper Peninsula and want to see it become a model for progressive, urban development.

You have shown up in record numbers to participate in planning activities, public forums, policy reviews, Gathering Events, focus group sessions, and clean sweep weekends; and to support an abundance of on‐the‐ground community projects that better our community for future generations. For that, we THANK YOU.

We hope to be able to resume the planning efforts of the Initiative soon, but in the meantime, the community’s work must continue.

Keep up the good work.

If you have questions or would like to provide feedback on our efforts, please feel free to call anytime at (843) 529‐3421 or email us at info@sustainabilityinstitutesc.org.