Vision + Mission

The Impact We Hope to Make

The Upper Peninsula Initiative was formed to help promote thoughtful, sustainable growth of the area.

Vision Statement

Our vision is for the Upper Peninsula area to become a progressive model for sustainable urbanism – that is, a vibrant place where people want to live, work and play because of its unique local character and strong emphasis on smart development, sustainability, resiliency, affordability, community and mobility.

Mission Statement

We will accomplish this by encouraging participation from residents, property owners, businesses, developers, non-profit organizations and government in a thoughtful planning initiative designed to combine existing community assets with innovative planning techniques and new projects.

Projects in Study Area

Our Planning Will Focus on 8 Strategies

Strategy #1: Equitable Development
Strategy #2: Urban Form + Pattern
Strategy #3: Energy
Strategy #4: Transportation + Mobility
Strategy #5: Civic Places
Strategy #6: Water + Ecosystem Function
Strategy #7: Materials
Strategy #8: Urban Agriculture

Our planning process will be designed to accomplish these 11 goals:

Encourage community participation from property owners, residents and businesses

Ensure quality and affordable housing stock exists in our area for the long-term

Inspire community pride in a unique and authentic identity for the area

Serve as a convenient online resource for residents to be informed of local events, deals and business happenings, and for businesses to better connect with their customers and area residents

Focus on innovative projects geared towards boosting the economy and providing valuable environmental, community and health outcomes in a sustainable way.

Strengthen the community’s ability to adapt to and influence the course of environmental, social and economic change and to prepare, plan for, and recover from adverse threats and events

Foster safe and welcoming community gathering and civic places that promote social interaction, provide a sense of community and serve common needs.

Weave urban agriculture throughout the built environment to provide access to healthy, local and affordable food.

Increase overall access, mobility and connectivity of the area with downtown and North Charleston by helping to improve the safety and availability of pedestrian centric transportation systems including walking, running, bicycling and public transit.

Protect historic urban fabric and provide a clear framework for site planning and building design based upon the natural physical qualities of the area that will accommodate the anticipated economic growth.

Facilitate the implementation of public and private investments in a coordinated, resourceful and responsible manner.