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New Zoning District Designed to Promote Responsible Growth in the Upper Peninsula Enacted

City Council Supports Sustainability Efforts for Growing Upper Peninsula Anemone Violet! That’s the new color on the City’s zoning map identifying the brand new Upper Peninsula (UP) Zoning District. City zoning maps reflecting UP zoning are now available online at: The UP Zoning District is a new base zoning district (not an overlay) designed specifically …


Program to Retrofit Inefficient Homes with Energy Upgrades is Helping Low Income Households Save

    SHARING THE SUCCESS OF SI’S MARTIN LUTHER KING, J.R, DAY SERVICE PROJECT This January 19th on Martin Luther King J.R. Day, The Sustainability Institute (“SI”) conducted an important service project to benefit low income homeowners living in the Charleston Upper Peninsula. SI understands that many of these residents face significant challenges to operate and maintain …


Upper Peninsula Initiative Progress Update: Winter 2015

Winter 2015 Update Check out our Calendar of Events! On our “Come Play” webpage we feature a calendar full of local happenings and also list information on the restaurants and bars in our study area.  Check it out!   We are excited to announce all 8 Strategy Groups are up and running! All 8 …


Upper Peninsula Initiative Progress Update: Summer 2014

As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, development and growth in Charleston’s Upper Peninsula will continue to happen.  But development and growth do not have to be negative if they are implemented the right way. The Upper Peninsula Initiative was formed to invoke thought and discussion around the prospect of not just any old …


Getting Around! A Look at Transportation + Mobility for the Charleston Upper Peninsula Initiative

Trans·por·ta·tion noun: transportation             the action of transporting someone or something or the process of being transported.   Mo·bil·i·ty noun: mobility             the ability to move or be moved freely and easily. The Charleston Upper Peninsula Initiative project, roughly an 865-acre district carved out of Charleston’s upper eastside of the peninsula, has a unique opportunity …


Sustainability Institute Supports Veterans With ECC Program Expansion

The Sustainability Institute (SI) announced this month that it is expanding its Energy Conservation Corps (ECC) operation – in fact, tripling its size over the next 3 years — thanks to new investments from a number of funders (funders to be announced soon). The AmeriCorps-affiliated program – now in its fourth year — has received …


Charleston Bike Tour Offers Different View For Steering Committee

Modern conveniences make it all too easy to analyze places by simply viewing maps, satellite images or maybe even taking a quick drive by tour.  On a beautiful sunny afternoon in April, our Steering Committee took a different approach and decided to tour the area by bike to experience it on a more personable scale.  …