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Restaurant Composting Project UPdate

UP Restaurants Diverted 18 Tons of Food Waste from Landfill in December & January For the past 3 months, 10 Upper Peninsula (UP) restaurants have been demonstrating their commitment to sustainability by participating in a district wide composting program.  These restaurants have also boosted their recycling efforts and are holistically streamlining their waste. Restaurants Participating 1. …


Companies Coworking at Local Works Exceed $16M in 2015 Annual Revenue

2015 Coworking Study Results By: Shari Knight Local Works serves as the hub for over 40 local entrepreneurs with businesses ranging from accountants to artisans. The Local Works space grew quickly in just under two years, which goes to show that like major metropolitan cities, Charleston is expanding its thinking in terms of traditional work …


Could Your Business or Organization Be More Energy Efficient? The Green Business Challenge Can Help!

“Every dollar that can be shaved off the expenditures side of the budget makes an impact on your bottom line.” That is one reason why many businesses have made efforts to become more energy efficient- but businesses also “go green” because they want to do their part to make their community more sustainable for future …


Non-Energy Benefits – The Often Overlooked Benefits of Energy Efficiency

The above picture shows how raingardens in Denver, CO provide an example of community beautification as a Non-Energy Benefit (NEB). As the population of the Charleston Peninsula continues to grow, so too will the aggregate demand for energy and the conveniences that it provides. It is unlikely that anyone would want to forfeit the luxuries …


“Local Works” – A New Coworking Office Space – Opens in the Upper Peninsula

Ideal for small local business owners looking to locate somewhere fun, somewhere that encourages creative collaboration and somewhere affordable- “Local Works” is a new coworking space that opened this week in the Upper Peninsula at the newly re-vamped creative corridor of “1600 Meeting Street”.  ( The 3,100 square feet of communal space is ideal office …