Civic Places

Strategy #5 - Civic Places


This performance area intends to protect, create and diversify civic places within the district which includes parks, community gathering areas, playing fields and other green public areas such as waterfront or habitat protection spaces. The creation of great places is, first and foremost, about people.  Healthy neighborhoods support healthy, happy people.  Civic places are an extension of the community and the best places often include public art displays of various forms.  Art is a language that all people speak that cut across racial, cultural, social, educational, and economic barriers and enhance cultural appreciation and awareness.  Art provides opportunities for self-expression, bringing the inner world into the outer world of concrete reality. When civic places work well, they serve as a stage for our public lives. If they function in their true civic role, they can be the settings where celebrations are held, where social and economic exchanges take place, where friends run into each other, and where creative exchanges and cultures mix.


Provide access to beautiful and safe civic places that promote human interaction, creativity and a sense of community as well as providing valuable green space and serving common needs.


  1. Encourage the protection of existing civic places and development of new civic places
  2. Provide children’s play areas and places that promote physical activity
  3. Promote social interactions and public activity
  4. Feature community art from local artists and residents
  5. Inspire community pride
  6. Encourage community interaction and neighborhood activity


Community Cleanups

A litter cleanup of Newmarket Creek in the Upper Peninsula happened Saturday, October 22, 2016, and future cleanups will be scheduled.  The goal is to remove debris that has accumulated in the creek and marsh areas, as well as along the surrounding roadways.  All cleanup supplies will be provided, volunteers are needed!  Events are made possible by Keep Charleston Beautiful with gracious collaboration from Charleston Waterkeeper and Surfrider.  More information for the October 2016 cleanup can be found on the Facebook Event Page.

Community Gatherings and Facilitating Community Dialogue

We host monthly gathering events designed to engage residents, businesses and other stakeholders living, working and playing in the Upper Peninsula.  Each month the location and theme of the event will rotate.  All events are posted on our Facebook Events Page and our Calendar of Events on our Website.  These free events are open to the public and directed to community stakeholders who are interested in seeing the Upper Peninsula grow responsibly.  The events provide opportunities to meet your neighbors, hear project updates, and offer your ideas through engaging activities and surveys.  We welcome you to join us!

Create More Green Spaces

Incorporating publicly accessible but privately maintained green spaces (parks, trails, plazas, etc.) into new building construction is encouraged and incentivized in the new Upper Peninsula Zoning District thanks to efforts from this group of stakeholders.

Naming Project

A cohesive neighborhood identity that blends the built environment with the culture and heritage of the community is needed in this area.  Our team is currently working with a local public relations firm on this project.


Projects Others Manage and We Champion!

There are excellent existing programs our partners manage and we appreciate and champion their efforts!

Create New Green Space

Friends of the Lowcountry Low Line seeks to revitalize the historic rail corridor that cuts through the middle of the Charleston peninsula. Working with the community for its input on all aspects, it is their mission to build, program and promote the property as a great public space for all.

What is the vision for the property?
• An open, safe public green corridor in the center of the Charleston peninsula
• Create pedestrian-friendly linear park in 1.6 miles of abandoned railroad
• Re-connecting neighborhoods severed by the rail line and I-26
• Promote neighborhood connections, safety, sustainability and public art

Community Gatherings and Facilitating Community Dialogue

Enough Pie hosts a variety of inspiring community events in the Upper Peninsula, many of those supporting local artists and featuring community art.  Enough Pie is a local non-profit that is a catalyst for inclusive and inspiring community engagement in the Upper Peninsula of Charleston, SC through dynamic partnerships, artistic collaborations and creative placemaking.

Charleston Promise Neighborhood’s mission is to ensure residents in Charleston’s Neck are engaged in their community and every child is on track to graduate high school with the abilities necessary to succeed in college, the military or the workforce.