Strategy #3 - Energy


This performance area intends to change the consumption and production of energy resources in order to minimize the carbon emissions of the area. It assumes that it is possible to provide the energy resources necessary for a fully functional neighborhood while eliminating all negative impacts associated with energy consumption. There are many proven strategies that start with conservation and then alternative production to achieve net zero energy through an integrated neighborhood strategy. This performance area recognizes that people must significantly change the way we perceive energy resources.


Achieve net zero energy usage annually by 2040.


  1. Conserve energy use by minimizing demand and maximizing conservation
  2. Optimize infrastructure performance at all scales
  3. Use renewable energy


Energy Audits and Retrofits

A program geared to assisting low income homeowners in the Upper Peninsula to save on monthly utility bills by reducing energy consumption/waste and improve their comfort and quality of life.   The program involves energy audits to identify areas of energy waste, and also energy retrofits to fix the identified areas of need, both are free for income qualified homeowners.  The program is ongoing and is managed by the Sustainability Institute, homeowners are welcome to contact SI to see if their home qualifies.  More information is available on our blog.

Renewable Energy

Incorporating renewable energy (solar, wind, etc.) on new building construction is encouraged and incentivized in the new Upper Peninsula Zoning District thanks to efforts from this group of stakeholders.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charging stations for electric vehicles are encouraged and incentivized in the new Upper Peninsula Zoning District thanks to efforts from this group of stakeholders.

Solar Powered Bus Tracker Sign

This group is working with a few partners including Flyway, Enough Pie and the Sustainability Institute to install a solar powered real time bus tracker sign at a bus stop that would run off wifi and integrate with CARTA’s bus system to provide automatic updates of bus arrival times.

Community Solar

This group of stakeholders is looking into the possibility of community solar.